My name is Paul O’Reilly and I work under the name Sunless. I am a Cork-based artist, illustrator and graphic designer. 

I make arresting and unique images that draw people into the work.

I take my influence from the hard outlines and flatness of Japanese art as well as a lot of early 20th century european art. 

    I also take a lot of influence from video games. I love their ability to transport you to another world. My favourite games are the ones that take the time to simulate mundane things because it’s the mundane things that make the world more real. I try to capture some of this mundanity in my work, the in-between times. In Chris Marker’s filmSans Soleil there is this quote:

'I've been round the world several times and now only banality still interests me. On this trip I've tracked it with the relentlessness of a bounty hunter.’ 

I like this idea. And while I might not be immediately apparent in all of my work it is an idea that is always in the back of my mind.

If you need a striking image and design or even if you just want to say hi send me an email:

Clients include:


Sony Music

Other Voices

I Am The Cosmos

Altered Hours

Elastic Sleep

Saint Yorda

Cape Grace